• Check-in is possible from 1 pm to 7 pm;
  • Upon request, you can check in after the scheduled time. Arrivals after 7 pm  an extra charge of € 10 will be applied until 10 pm, 20€ until midnight. For every hour after midnight we add € 5;
  • On the day of departure check-out is before 11 am;
  • We do not store luggage after the check-out. Suitcases can be left at the luggage drop off in Venezia Santa Lucia railway station (6am-11pm; 6€ x 5h);
  • Pets are allowed in our apartment, but they are not allowed to get on beds or armchairs. As next occupants may be allergic to cats or dogs, a surcharge of € 10 will be required for final cleaning;
  • Guests are provided with all the necessary keys, so they can come in and out to their liking. If you lose the keys, you will be charged with the cost to replace them.
  • Do not make too much noise;
  • Do not walk in the house with shoes that can ruin the parquet or disturb the neighbours of the floor below;
  • Do not smoke in your room or inside the apartment. Smoking is possible on the balcony and on the terrace;
  • It is not permitted, for safety reasons, to allow people who are not guests of the structure within apartment at any time;
  • Do not lit the ornamental candles in the room;
  • If the weather forecast says it is going to rain, please close the windows before going out to prevent the room from flooding;
  • Do not put the wet towels on the furniture, but hang them on the dedicated hooks in the bathroom;
  • Do not use open flames inside the apartment;
  • Do not leave your pets unattended in the apartment. They are not allowed to get on beds or armchairs;
  • Wash all the dishes before checking out. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink: if you cook something, please wash the dishes WITH SPONGE AND SOAP (that you can find under or next to the sink). NEVER put used and simply rinsed with water items back into the cupboard, in respect of the guests who will use them after you;
  • Do not touch the master switches of the electric shutters: the other guests might be disturbed by it;
  • Do not force the windows’ handles when closing them: they might break.
  • To call the elevator, keep pressing the green button until it starts blinking in red;
  • To prevent the elevator from being stuck, always check that the call button light turns green after closing the door;
  • Do not leave the door open for too long: the elevator might malfunction and get stuck;
  • When using the elevator, be careful not to touch the glass or the door: if touched, a sensor will trigger an alarm, temporarily blocking the stroke. Removed any object that has disturbed the sensor, the alarm will stop ringing and the up (4) or down (0) buttons can be pressed again;
  • To get down, keep holding down the 0. When the ground floor is reached, 0 and 1 will start blinking. Press 0 once to open the door,