To make your life easier, you will find answers to the most common questions below. For any questions out of this list or any clarification, you are welcome to write to us!


  • How can we get to the apartment?
    From the airport you can take the >ATVO shuttle bus< to Venezia Mestre station.
    From the Venezia Mestre station you can >walk 10 minutes< down via Piave.
    From Venezia Santa Lucia station you can take bus number 2 and get off at via Piave’s >second stop<.
  • Do you have parking?
    No, our apartment do not have the possibility to offer parking.
  • Where can I park my car? How much does it costs?
    There are blue stripes in the immediate vicinity, € 8 per day (8:00-13:00/15:00-20:00), free on Sundays and national holidays. You can pay to the turrets in the area.
  • How can I go to Venice by public transport?
    In front of the house you will find the bus stop for > bus number 2< that will take you to Piazzale Roma. At the opposite side of the road, in front of the church, you’ll find the >bus stop< to come home. At night you can take the N1 to go back home or to go to Venice from the >same bus stop<. You can take the train or the the taxi too (in front of the >Venezia Mestre station< there are always some waiting).
  • Where can I buy bus tickets?
    Five steps away from the bus stop to go to Venice there is a >tobacco shop< where you can buy all the tickets (opening hours 6 am-12.45/3.30 pm-7.45 pm, closed Wednesday afternoon) . >Here< you can find various information. If you are under 29 y.o., you can buy a discounted ticket called >Rolling Venice<.
  • Can we leave our luggage in the apartment before check-in or after check-out?
    It is not possible. The stations of >Venezia Santa Lucia< and >Venezia Mestre< provide a luggage storage service.
  • How many bedrooms are in the apartment?
    There are only two bedrooms in the apartment, both with their private bathrooms.
  • Are you an hotel/hostel?
    No, we are not an hotel nor an hostel. We own an apartment on the upper floor in a condo. The apartment has two bedrooms, both with their private bathrooms. Part of the large terrace and the whole living room are share between those two rooms.
  • Is breakfast included?
    Yes. Breakfast is usually served from 8 am to 10 am. On request, the service start time may vary, but it can never start before 7 am. We serve a typical Italian breakfast. Our continental breakfast is served with fresh croissants, bread, butter, jam, honey, Nutella, yogurt, juice, milk, cereals, cookies, fresh fruit, coffee and a wide selection of tea. On request, we can serve dishes suitable for persons suffering from celiac disease or following special dietary regimens. For some requests a small extra may be charged, which will be arranged at the time of booking. Guests are kindly asked not to help themselves in the kitchen when there is no present employee.
  • Can I have salty food/other food that what you listed?
    Unfortunately, all the food we serve is listed in the previous question. If you like, you are welcome to buy anything you like and implement our breakfast.
    On request, made at the time of the booking, we can serve dishes suitable for persons suffering from celiac disease or following special dietary regimens. For some requests a small extra may be charged, which will be arranged at the time of booking.
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    Check-in is possible from 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm. Check-out is before 10 am. The room is available from 2 pm.
  • Can I check in before 10 am?
  • Can I check in between 12 pm and 2 pm?
    Yes, if previously agreed. There may be occasions when it will not be possible.
  • Can I check out after 10 am?
  • Can I check in after 7 pm?
    Yes, it is possible, but a surcharge of € 10 will be applied until 10 pm, 20€ until midnight. For every hour after midnight we add € 5.
  • Can I cook in the apartment?
    No. It is possible to use the microwave to heat or the kettle.
  • Can I use plates, cutlery and glasses?
    Of course! It is forbidden to leave dirty dishes in the sink: if you eat something, please wash the dishes WITH SPONGE AND SOAP (that you can find under or next to the sink) before going to sleep. NEVER put used and simply rinsed with water items back into the cupboard, in respect of the guests who will use them after you.
  • Where can I buy food?
    In front of the apartment there is a >small Romanian supermarket.< At 400 meters, towards the station, there is the >Alì Supermercato<. At 550 meters in the opposite direction to the station there is a discount store, the >In’s Mercato<, and, a few meters further, you can find the >Simply Market<. Just remember, when you are shopping, that you cannot cook inside the apartment. Kettle and microwave are free to use.
  • Do you have any restaurant recommendations?
    Sure! >Here< you can find a list.
  • Can I bring my dog/cat?
    Yes! Animals are welcome! But there are a few rules to follow. It is not allowed to let them on beds, sofas or on the armchairs. As next guests may be allergic, a € 10 surcharge will be charged for final cleaning. Furthermore it is absolutely forbidden to leave them alone in the apartment for ANY reason.
  • Is there an elevator?
    Yes. >Here< you can find info about how to use it.
  • Is there a TV?
  • Is there internet?
    Yes, the whole structure has free wifi internet with fiber.
  • Are linen and towels provided by you?
    Yes, they are included in the price. The beds are already provided with sheets and there is a clean set of towels for each guest (shower towel, hand towel and guest towel).
  • How often do you change the linen and the towels?
    The linen are changed with every new guest coming, the towels every 4 nights.
  • There are personal care products?
    We supply the essentials (set of towels, sheets, liquid hand soap, toilet paper) plus shower caps, shampoo/body wash, intimate soap, natural block soap and hygienic set. The rest is on the guests.
  • Can I smoke in the apartment?
    No, it is not possible to smoke inside the apartment. It is possible to smoke on the terrace.
  • Is the water drinkable?
    Yes, it is in all the apartment.
  • Is there a crib?
    No, we do not have cribs.
  • Can you add an extra bed?
    No, we do not offer this possibility.
  • I’d like to have two single beds in my room instead of a double bed, is it possible?
    Yes, but only one of the two bedrooms offer this possibility. If you have this need, be sure to book the right one (Grey room).
  • There are additional charges to be paid in the property?
    If you paid online already, the only thing you will pay on your arrival is the tourist tax (€ 2.10 per person per night). Residents in the municipality of Venice and children under 10 are exempt from the tourist tax. The rate is reduced by 50% for young people aged between 10 and 15. The tax is applied for a maximum of 5 nights.